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Michael BaganI would like to introduce myself; my name is Michael Bagan, I live in London and I am a London taxi driver. In my spare time I demonstrate,  teach and research mediumship.

 I started to research mediumship in 2004 after experiencing some  unusual phenomena, mainly dreams of no great importance, that  would come true within a few days. I had been having them for many  years and thought nothing of them as I thought everyone had dreams  that came true.
I studied for 3 years at the College of Psychic studies. My main teacher was Tony Stockwell who I believe is one of the finest mediums and teachers we have in England. After leaving the college I was fortunate to meet a medium and healer called Nick McGlynn who took me around many churches and spiritualist centres. Nick would give the address and I would give messages to the congregation.

I always remember my first public demonstration which was at Hemel Hempstead Spiritualist Centre. Nick, at the last minute, could not make it as he had a call and had to help a neighbour with some healing. So I was on my own and horrified and so nervous it was unbelievable! Luckily enough everything went ok, though to be honest when I was waiting to be called onto the platform, I did feel like leaving out the back door and jumping in my taxi and heading back to London!

I owe so much to Nick, bless him, as without him I wouldn’t have pushed myself to serve the churches. Nick’s spiritual knowledge was amazing. He had, over the years, sat with so many different mediums including many physical mediums like Leslie Flint, Colin Fry and also the Trance medium Maurice Barbanell whose guide was Silver Birch.

Nick introduced me to many people in the spiritualist movement who I still keep in touch with, some are very close friends who have also helped me with mediumship like Paul & Donna Barker who run a spiritual centre in Cholsey, Oxfordshire called The Karenza Spiritual Network. Unfortunately Nick passed away on the 23 March 2013 and I miss him dearly.

I have demonstrated mediumship in many parts of England including the Arthur Findlay College (Stansted Hall) and Stourbridge Spiritualist Church where Eric Hatton chaired for me on each occasion. I also demonstrated for the Psychic News at Stansted Hall which, at that time, was organized by Susan Farrow, the then Editor of the Psychic News.

My first year of meeting Susan Farrow was very interesting as we worked on bringing messages through from Susan’s loved ones in dreams and sittings. Looking back on it now, it was a year-long experiment with some good results for us both. This was prior to Susan becoming the editor of the Psychic News and who, like myself, was very skeptical about mediumship and the workings of it in those early days.

I have now committed to increasing my mediumship work with public demonstrations and  teaching, so if you would like me to demonstrate meduimship at your church or centre please contact me through my email address or phone number, I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Tel 07490 693532

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