Nick McGlynn

Nick McGlynn I met Nick McGlynn in 2006 at a seance in Amersham, at this time Nick had been asked to visit a friend of mine on behalf of the Zerdin Fellowship Jo Bradley who is a developing Physical medium. After the sitting Nick ask me for my phone number as he believed that he would be able to help me develop my mental mediumship. Over the next few months I was in contact with Nick by phone and he would speak in great depth about mediumship, I was shocked at the amount of knowledge that Nick had and also all the mediums that he had sat with – including Leslie Flint, Maurice Barbanell, Colin Fry and many others. Nick was known in the spiritualist movement as a real stickler for evidence and had offended many along the way, if they wasn’t giving proof of survival of life after death. He was very passionate about all forms of mediumship though he loved physical and trance mediumship, he had sat in many developing circles always hoping that he would be able to help those with ability.

Nick was always healing and giving messages to people, always working for spirit as he would say. Nick would travel miles free of charge to give healing or take a service at a church, he was a real trooper and dedicated most of his life to spiritualism travelling around the world spreading the message that life continued after physical death. Nick’s wife Marie who was also a medium passed away June 17th 1998 and on the same night Marie came back at a Colin Fry seance and spoke to Nick through direct voice. Nick was over the moon, as you can imagine, as no one at the seance knew that she had passed that morning, I have the audio recording of the seance its amazing to hear.

Nick phoned me up and said I would like to take you to the Spiritualist churches with me, though first you have to give me a sitting, so I nervously agreed and made arrangements to meet Nick. When I arrived Nick was sitting with Susan Farrow in her lounge, this was just before Susan became the editor of the Psychic news – no pressure! Fortunately, everything went well and it started my journey with Nick (who became a mentor and good friend), he was always at the end of the phone if I had doubts about my mediumship. We traveled around the Northeast of England, Nick would give the address and I would do the clairvoyance.

Although, in his 80’s Nick would still travel around even going to Australia to meet friends. In the summer of 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer that had spread to his bones, yet he would still come to the churches with me and would still find the strength to give the address and some messages to the congregation. My last month’s of contact with Nick was over the phone as he was really poorly.Unfortunately Nick passed away 23 March 2013, I spoke to him a few weeks beforehand and told him I loved him; and also I thanked him for everything he had done for me and the time he had given to everyone else sharing his knowledge and giving advice. If I hadn’t met Nick I’m pretty sure I would’ve walked away from mediumship, as it was Nick who gave me the opportunity to join him at the Church and gave me the confidence to stand in front of a room full of people and give messages to them. I owe Nick so much and of course I miss him dearly. One of Nick’s quotes that I still tell others is: “Don’t worry what others are doing as long as you do the right thing”.

This article was written about Nick and was published in the Psychic News, he was very fond of the two gentlemen in the photo (Gerald and Eric Nick); he often spoke about them to me. I had the privilege to meet them both at York Spiritualist Church and attended one of their weekend physical and trance courses working with the Zerdin Fellowship. Nick’s wishes were that his Nick Mcglynn 1funeral was very quick without hymns no flowers and cards only to wear a green item as it was Nick’s favourite colour. Ravi read a poem like Nick did at his wife’s funeral and some of us stood up and said our last goodbyes to Nick, which was very emotional that brought a few tears to our eyes. I remember driving home still emotional thinking how much people loved Nick, there is not many days that I don’t think about Nick and the impact he had on my life.

Until we meet again, my friend.

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